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hireEZProduct Overview

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hireEZ product overview

hireEZ, formerly Hiretual, is an AI-powered outbound recruitment platform that lets organizations break free from outdated recruiting systems and helps jobs find people. It puts recruiters in control with greater access to untapped talent pools, market insights to build data-driven recruiting campaigns, and marketing automation to scale candidate engagement.

With hireEZ, recruiters can hire hard-to-fill roles in the competitive labor market. The software gives the tools and resources to bring DEI hiring initiatives to life. It empowers hiring teams to discover and nurture qualified talent with a diverse talent pool of underrepresented talent, powerful AI diversity filters, blind sourcing mode, and comprehensive diversity analytics and insights.

hireEZ sources candidates across more than 45 open web platforms, building a self-learning and self-expanding infrastructure that bridges data connections for a holistic view of each candidate’s professional profile. It offers true AI sourcing capabilities that pass all enterprise-grade security questions. The platform constantly evolves and improves to deliver relevant solutions for various recruiting needs.

Pros of hireEZ

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  • Companies can maximize the value of their existing ATS database with the EZ Rediscovery tool. This feature deduplicates and enriches existing profiles to build a seamless workflow for the hiring team and unlock the value of the current candidate database.
  • The software allows access to a centralized workspace to manage recruiting teams. Organizations can segment hiring teams into different focus groups to accommodate current hiring needs.

Cons of hireEZ

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  • It offers limited integrations compared to competitors.

Breakdown of core features

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Recruiters can automate the search for top talent with EZ Sourcing and uncover a comprehensive view of more than 800 million candidates from over 45 open web platforms. hireEZ provides market insights and DEI information to build data-driven recruiting strategies.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

hireEZ’s talent sourcing and intelligence bring underrepresented talent to the forefront of the search. The system analyzes data such as pronouns, schools, and memberships with professional organizations to surface minority candidates buried in general career platforms.

With hireEZ, recruiters can access an interactive dashboard that analyzes how the hiring team interacts with minority groups. The software identifies engagement drop-offs, response rates, and qualification rates to help the business decide its next move.


EZ Engagement is hireEZ’s built-in email marketing and scheduling for all recruitment marketing needs. It enables recruitment teams to directly engage with qualified talent and increase response rates with verified contact info, automated and branded drip campaigns, automated interview scheduling, and comprehensive performance tracking.


hireEZ streamlines collaboration with peers, human resources, and hiring managers. It simplifies the sourcing and candidate evaluation process with a centralized workspace accessible to the key stakeholders in the organization. Users can share sourcing projects at every stage of the process and send emails on behalf of other team members. Recruiters can also choose to keep notes private or share them with specific individuals, all project members, or the entire organization.

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  • AI Sourcing
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Engagement
  • Boolean Builder
  • Email Templates and Sequences
  • Tracking
  • Email Delegation
  • Scheduling
  • Talent Inflow and Outflow Insights
  • Competitive Analytics
  • Diversity Analysis
  • Profile Refresh and Enrich
  • Profile Rediscovery and Reengagement
  • Hiring Team Collaboration
  • Reports
  • Administration


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  • API integrations

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