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About High Plains Information Systems

High Plains Information Systems is a fully-integrated EMS software designed as a total data management solution for fire departments and EMS agencies. Three core modules comprise the High Plains base solution: incident reporting, life safety, and human resource management. Numerous options and dozens of interfaces to third-party products are also available, such as CAD systems, medical devices and medical billing packages. 

The FireManager provides complete review functionality for quality assurance. Any number of supervisors or users can receive reports in their review-queue based on a wide selection of criteria. The FireManager integrates with many ambulance-billing packages, including Ortivus Sweet-Billing, and any billing software that can accept the standard NEMSIS 2.2 file export as its source. Export files are created through the patient billing menu in the incident reporting module. The files can be saved locally or encrypted and emailed to the billing service. 

The High Plains ePCR solution was designed to minimize the time and effort necessary to accurately document patient care and collect all of the data that state or local agencies requires. Features include: LIFEPAK 12 Integration, automatic narrative generation, single point of entry, auto formatting, complete configurability, active checklist, and complete configurability. High Plains records management system is modular, so users can select only the necessary features and options. 

Mobile applications include ePCR and Fire Reports. Each computer has a local database where all work is stored until a connection can be established, in case connectivity is lost. Mobile fire reports include a mobile reporting application that allows users to complete any fire-related report remotely, including NFIRS report for any incident type, patient care report, firefighter casualty report, civilian casualty report, hazardous materials report, and supplemental report. 

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