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About Herd Wisdom

Herd Wisdom, positioning themselves as “the complete and sustainable employee engagement platform”, is a gamification SAAS (software-as-a-service) provider that helps companies use feedback to improve employee engagement and retention. The Herd Wisdom app seeks to promote employee engagement through regular surveys, recognition and rewards programs, challenges, games, forums for team collaboration, and an analytics engine that delivers immediate results. Herd Wisdom’s expertise comes from a team background in business development, technology, communications, human resources, marketing, and psychology, among other fields.

Herd Wisdom’s platform is easy to implement, and allows companies to customize their logo, colors, content, and prizes. Herd Wisdom creates a short list of weekly questions that provides continuous feedback for managers. Such questions help management quickly address problems as they develop, and monitor morale. Continual employee participation is incentivized through rewards. Engagement improves with continuous participation in the Herd Wisdom appliction. A positive environment also improves brand image, and prevents talent loss. The analytics gained from such internal programs can even be used to develop and hone business strategy. Herd Wisdom’s automated alerts provide easy access to feedback information, and their data is presented in an easy-to-understand format for management and employees, so the entire company can view their progress.

Herd Wisdom is helping HR departments across the US and Canada reach out to unengaged employees through gamification. Companies lose millions of dollars in lost productivity from such employees, but creating an internal organization and reward system can be a daunting task. Herd Wisdom simplifies this, and has helped companies in all markets increase employee referrals and boost employee engagement.

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