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About HCS Interactant Revenue Cycle Management

Interactant Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a complete, end-to-end solution that simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of billing and tracking reimbursement for services provided. The Interactant RCM features a built-in “rules engine” that calculates net revenue and maintains payor-specific rules that will increase the accuracy and produce clean claims in a timely fashion. Interactant RCM helps providers eliminate errors and increase cash flow by identifying underpayments, decreasing denials, and generating clean claims.

Interactant RCM helps automate and manage business processes across the entire spectrum that pertains to reimbursement including referral management, census, and EMR functions. Interactant RCM is powerful enough to handle the most challenging and complex billing requirements and contracts. From Medicare to Medicaid, to the most complex payors, Interactant RCM’s contract management and rules engine allows users to define payor-specific variables and rates, regulations, edits, codes, form types, billing specifications, and reimbursement terms. Users enter contract variables once, submit claims, and work only on the exceptions. Payor rates are maintained at the charge level, which allows for real-time visibility into net revenue value.

Functionalities included are  Referral Management, Practices Management, Billing, Contract Management, Census Management, Accounts Receivable, Trust Accounting, Scheduling, and EDI. the Interactant platform helps multi-site providers deliver better quality and safety of care while increasing efficiencies and financial performance.

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