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About Hansoft

With offices in Sweden, Japan, and the United States, Hansoft supports global organizations that proscribe to Agile development methodologies. Their project management software was designed to manage the most difficult aspect of most projects and products — change.

Designed to support the empowerment of teams and individuals, Hansoft enables strong collaboration and transparency at all levels, eschewing traditional command-and-control management styles. Hansoft’s project management solution has been used in a wide range of organizations and industries, including electronics, aerospace, space, software development, telecom, and cloud services. With features that support Agile ADLM (Application Development Lifecycle Management), PPM (Product/Project Portfolio Management), Business Intelligence (BI), and Social Collaboration, Hansoft can provide a holistic solution for managing your company, projects, products, and staff. It is both highly visual and highly flexible — use Scrum, Kanban boards, collaborative Gantt charts, or a custom-tailored combination of  scheduling and management processes that best fit your unique needs. Additionally, Hansoft can manage defect tracking, all project or product-related documents, long and short-term development planning, workload and portfolio analysis, and much more. It even allows you to collaborate directly with your partners and clients, thanks to included external party collaboration support. 

Hansoft project management software can be used at companies with 10 or 10,000 employees, and the Agile development enabled by Hansoft can help your company deliver better products and services through increased efficiency, innovation, and insight. 

Schneider Electric, a global corporation with over 150,000 employees, chose Hansoft to manage their Buildings division. Facing stiff competition from a wide variety of companies, including Google’s Nest division, Schneider Electric decided they needed a more flexible approach than their previous management processes and products could provide.  After evaluating 13 different tools, Schneider chose Hansoft to support their move to SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and LeSS (Large Scale Scrum). After implementation, Schneider representatives remarked on the ease in transition that Hansoft provided, and are considering deploying Hansoft within more divisions at the company. 

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