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About HALOCK Security Labs

HALOCK is a U.S.-based information security consultancy that’s privately owned and headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. Serving SMBs and the Fortune 100 alike, HALOCK has experience handling information security for firms in the financial services, healthcare, legal, education, energy, technology, retail, and ecommerce industries. 

HALOCK partners with organizations looking to transform their business through proactive security measures and those looking to stay ahead of the threat landscape. They fulfill these goals by diagnosing, prioritizing, and treating the risks that have or may affect your business. Driven by their philosophy of Purpose Driven Security®, HALOCK will help you achieve your information security goals and address current, emerging, and future cyber threats. Purpose Driven Security® helps define the right amount of security measures necessary to protect your mission-critical assets  — not too much, or too little. Assessing and calculating both the severity and likelihood of a given risk becoming reality, HALOCK’s Purpose Driven Security® means that you’ll only implement the security controls necessary to address the calculated risk. Furthermore, your organization proactively implementing a HALOCK-designed security architecture will help reduce liability for your shareholders, clients, partners, employees, and the general, greater good. Together, this dual emphasis on measuring and risk preemption will enable your organization to stay within a limited security budget without sacrificing necessary protection of your critical assets. 

We recommend HALOCK to any business that is looking for an information security risk assessment, but especially those organizations with limited IT and/or security budgets who need a skilled yet reasonably priced security partner. 

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