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About Half Serious

Half Serious is a company that applies custom game design to the development of engagement solutions for brands. Half Serious designs and develops custom games to enhance workflow management, inspire innovation, and positively influence user behavior. Their gamification solutions can be tailored to any industry and applied to employees, customers, or products.

Half Serious’ platform combines custom game design and development to create uniquely branded engagement solutions. Unlike some other gamification companies, Half Serious designs solutions specifically for individual businesses. As a result, Half Serious is able to develop a unique gamification solution focused on business’s exact goals. In addition to custom design, Half Serious applies principles of behavioral psychology to identify motivators, behaviors, and effective reward systems. Since Half Serious develops custom solutions, businesses can determine their target audience, understand what their brand’s goals are, and help shape the overall engagement strategy. By developing brand-focused gamification programs, Half Serious helps companies increase engagement, brand awareness, employee performance, and customer loyalty.

Half Serious’ services appeal to brands seeking unique solutions. Their services increase engagement and loyalty among customers and employees, and are ideal for brands that run multiple loyalty and engagement campaigns. As a result of implementing a customized Half Serious engagement solution, brands can expect improved workflow management, customer engagement, and long-lasting returns.

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