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About Gurusoft Logistics

Founded in 2003 in Singapore, Gurusoft produces the Logistics Business Solution supply chain management (SCM) software for clients around the world. It runs a research facility in India, built to serve the Asia region, and 40 other implementation sites worldwide. Gurusoft offers operation-focused software that helps clients organize, simplify and move business forward. The company delivers customized solutions and includes 24/7 support. In 2009, Gurusoft won the Independent Software Vendor award in Singapore and boasts endorsements from Mitsubishi Logistics, Singapore General Hospital and other major organizations. Gurusoft’s Logistics Business Solution is especially designed for the warehouse businesses that are growing and need to improve efficiency and cut down costs. The solution helps with every step of the supply chain process. The Logistics Business Solution creates a well-organized workflow for the supplier and customer, optimizes and monitors the delivery process and improves overall productivity and precision. It also reduces the time to complete an order fulfillment and lowers inventory holding thanks to the Inventory Management System. Together, with the reductions in processing and increased efficiency, Gurusoft clients boast higher profitability. The Logistics Business Solution simplifies the storage, order completion and distribution of products. It offers automated, semi-automated and manual programs and works in all warehouses types from temperature-controlled to mobile and hazardous. The solution can also be adjusted to for additional requirements upon request. This SCM software is compatible with bar coding, RFID and ASRS. 

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