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About COGEP Guide Ti

Founded in 1989, COGEP specializes in developing asset management solutions in the form of CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software)  for public and private sector enterprises. COGEP has extensive expertise in managing strategic assets such as vehicles, buildings and equipment. COGEP is headquartered in Quebec, Canada.

COGEP’s Guide Ti is a state-of-the art tool ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring service contracts, monitoring licenses, identifying the right contacts, and much more. Guide Ti is engineered with a grid structure. Despite its powerful capabilities, it is user-friendly and easy to learn. Data entry is a breeze with its ability to automatically populate fields. Links are easily configured between tasks, services and users. Its planning tools can translate into huge improvements in productivity and cut the time spent on planning in half. Guide Ti combines business processes with electronic approval and a variety of notification options are available.  Real-time information can be accessed from your computer or tablet. It also tracks all changes to the database so historical records can be maintained. A powerful array of reports is available and processed in just seconds. There are many options for customization. Guide Ti provides sophisticated, yet user-friendly, maintenance CMMS software.

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