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Growth EngineeringProduct Overview

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Growth Engineering product overview

Growth Engineering provides engaging online training solutions to deliver meaningful business impacts. It eliminates dull online learning by engaging learners with their personal and professional development and driving positive social outcomes. Growth Engineering solutions focus on incentivizing the right activities, inspiring curiosity, and creating learning communities.

The platform offers three products: LMS, Learning App, and Authoring Tool.  Growth Engineering LMS is a high-impact employee training solution typically used by organizations, educational institutions, government bodies, and professional agencies. Learning App is an advanced and customizable mobile application for organizational learning. The Authoring Tool facilitates gamified and game-based content creation for producing high-value microlearning content.

Organizations can use the interconnected solutions together or each product individually. Growth Engineering products utilize gamification, social learning, and personalization to develop long-lasting behavior changes for employees and learners.

Pros of Growth Engineering

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  • It enables businesses to boost product knowledge through microunits, user-generated content, community features, and player-vs-player Battles.
  • Organizations can create custom game-based learning by personalizing the system’s learning game templates. Companies can also layer on their brand imagery, colors, and logo.

Cons of Growth Engineering

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  • The software doesn’t provide some administrative features, such as assigning due dates to courses.

Breakdown of core features

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With Growth Engineering, learners earn collectible virtual rewards by completing or downloading content. Administrators can change content names, descriptions, and appearance to suit organizational needs and ensure that they resonate with learners’ experiences. Whenever a Learner earns a badge, an update appears on the platform’s social news feed. As a result, Learners can show their achievements to everyone in their team, encouraging other Learners to complete additional content. With no technical expertise required, users can package learning Quests in the software’s game templates, adding a dimension of interactivity and making the learning experience more interesting.

Social learning

Companies can create Clubs around the main topics in the organization to improve social learning. Users who interact regularly with these Clubs have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge, making it easier to identify subject matter experts. Clubs extend learning beyond the formal training program.


Growth Engineering’s Learning App is configurable in several ways, letting businesses add a logo, set their brand colors, and specify their fonts. During the setup process, organizations can pick their own custom name for the platform. Furthermore, admins can customize Clubs by uploading their banners. Imagery can draw attention to new training initiatives or communicate with every learner.

Reward Center

With the Reward Center, managers can leverage extrinsic motivation by offering tangible rewards. Depending on what works for learners, these can include gifts, vouchers, or donations to charities. Aside from giving tangible awards, admins can define other perks in your rewards. These can be single-use tokens or granting additional user permissions, like Expert status.

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