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About Growth Engineering

Growth Engineering is a UK business, operating out of Windsor. The company focuses on providing eLearning solutions based on gamification research. Growth Engineering currently provides businesses with gamification, game based eLearning, and instructional design in order to improve training and leadership programs.

Growth Engineering provides an in-depth gamification solution to its clients, boasting a scalable LMS platform that leverages game mechanics to make training and onboarding both effective and enjoyable. The company relies on Academy Platform LMS, which gives a business an incredible amount of control when implementing a solution. The Academy Platform LMS enables the use of badges, leaderboards, awards, achievements, leveling, and many other gamification staples. Growth Engineering’s gamification services primarily focus on providing more effective learning environments and strong engagement in training programs. Their services are easy to use and provide a solution for businesses looking to enhance or improve their ¬†learning management systems. Growth Engineering has helped a wide range of businesses with their gamification and eLearning services.

A recent example is the company Bensons for Beds, which recently completed a merger with two other companies. Bensons needed a way to improve staff engagement, performance, and consistency of standards, while also improving branding and customer recognition. Growth Engineering worked with Bensons for Beds to create a game-based training system, streamlining their process and saving them over $500,000 in total management costs.

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