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All Industries, Sales
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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Gravitocity

Gravitocity has created a cloud-based application for enterprise sales teams that revolutionizes new business prospecting. Sales teams using Gravitocity effectively eliminate traditional prospecting methods involving cold calls, working through organizational gatekeepers, purchasing outdated or inaccurate contact lists, and sending emails to prospects with no knowledge of whether recipients received them, opened them, or are interested in the content.

Gravitocity modernizes sales lead development by harnessing the internet and social networks to find targeted prospects and current business contact data. This eliminates unproductive time sales teams would otherwise spend performing manual searches. In addition, Gravitocity increases prospect engagement by giving sales teams professional emailing capabilities specifically designed for the sales prospecting process. These features organize messages in a logical, stepwise flow, track recipient open and click-through activity, and streamline team and individual email content creation.

The Gravitocity core value proposition is to reduce prospecting time and increase prospect engagements. We recommend Gravitocity to firms in the mid-market and enterprise segments for use by collaborative sales teams that include inside sales, outside sales, resellers, and affiliates.

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