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About Google Analytics Premium

Google is one of the biggest names in Internet-related services and products. Their expertise has increasingly guided businesses’ use of the Web since 1998. They both direct Web traffic via their popular search engine and respond to user needs and business trends through a plethora of useful applications.¬†Google Analytics Premium takes advantage of Google’s carefully cultivated global infrastructure to provide advanced data analysis.¬†

Google Analytics provides more than just usage statistics for websites. It also measures conversions and sales. This is accomplished when site owners tag pages with a Google Analytics tracking code that gathers anonymous information about who is visiting a webpage. The intuitive and powerful web analytics can track a number of metrics, including whether a visitor is new to the site, when the visit takes place, and how they accessed the site: whether it was from search engine, e-mail, banner ad, or some other source. Having access to robust web analytics from Google allows users to position themselves and their businesses more effectively. Likewise, it is a useful tool for data scientists and market researchers.

Key features of Google Analytics Premium include secure, team-wide access to data, reliable expert support available 24/7/365, and four-hour refresh times. Rather than rely on staff to manually generate reports, this service organizes web statistics into useful information automatically and in real time. It also indicates the most used keywords and whether visits come from mobile devices to help businesses determine the best marketing strategies. Google’s support staff provides account management, training, and advice for how to understand and effectively use the data sets. A simple annual fee covers everything.

For business owners, marketing staff, and data technicians, Google Analytics Premium provides meaningful web analytics. Understanding how Internet users access and respond to web pages provides valuable business insight enabling better business strategy. It is the ultimate tool to streamline and monitor your company’s web presence.

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