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About Goodify

Goodify allows businesses to incentivize their brand’s social impact by rewarding their employees’ volunteer work and charitable-giving activities. Their gamification solutions help companies achieve philanthropic goals by motivating employee participation and rewarding top contributors. This program is ideal for businesses, students, groups, and organizations.

Goodify’s services are unique in that they help organizations incentivize participation in philanthropic deeds. Using Goodify’s platform, companies create a network for their brand, establish charitable goals, and develop unique reward and recognition systems for top performing members. Goodify enables companies to create teams within an organization, allowing brands to focus on multiple charitable goals at once. Goodify’s services make it possible to track individual and group progress on goals, provide motivating rewards and increase participation in events. Their platform is automated, user friendly, and eliminates the need for complicated paper-based reporting systems. Once charitable goals are met, Goodify makes it simple for brands to announce their philanthropic achievements, and increase brand visibility.

Goodify appeals to groups, organizations, and businesses looking for a simple solution to track and reward philanthropic achievements. Tracking and rewarding a member’s charitable works presents a logistical problem for many organizations. As a result, member interest in achieving goals decreases. By implementing Goodify’s gamification platform, organizations have the ability to track progress, reward team members, and compile charitable-giving reports.

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