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About GoldMine CRM

GoldMine, which is headquartered in Milpitas, CA, is a subsidiary of FrontRange Solutions. With business users in 45 countries, GoldMine has helped manage over 1 billion business-to-consumer relationships. GoldMine is used in over 80 verticals and is one of the most respected mobile relationship management solutions for businesses worldwide.

GoldMine Premium Edition (GMPE) is a Windows-based customer relationship management (CRM) software by GoldMine that is designed to help small-to-medium businesses generate more sales, improve customer service, and eliminate unnecessary costs. Through GoldMine Premium Edition, small-to-medium businesses can accelerate goal achievement, increase the number of sales, retain more clients, and boost employee productivity. Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards make the marketing and customer service processes easy to complete and configure. GoldMine Premium Edition integrates seamlessly with Outlook, eliminating the need for users to switch back and forth. GMPE software also features a campaign management feature that allows users to target the right customers for each campaign and manage the company’s leads more effectively. It also managers all service requests and analyzes and resolves most of these customer service issues with Knowledge Base features.¬†With efficient sales management and Constant Contact integration, GoldMine Premium Edition owners will have a better understanding of their customers. This results in higher customer satisfaction and client retention.

Air Animal Pet Movers is a business that helps families solve the logistics of relocating their pets in the midst of a move. From sales to invoicing, Air Animal Pet Movers needed a solution to streamline the customer lifecycle process. With GoldMine Premium Edition, Air Animal Pet Movers reduced follow-up time with their clients by over 50 percent. Efficient contact records, modernized software, custom templates, and other pre-defined fields helped Air Animal Pet Movers improve customer service and ensure client satisfaction.

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