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About GoingUp

GoingUp, a web analytics and SEO tools company, offers a number of free tools for use in everything from tracking web stats such as page views to analysis of a site’s structure. Given these free capabilities, the casual GoingUp user may wonder why he or she should purchase the company’s services. However, the company’s paid web analytics platform is much farther ranging in its identification and use of important business information. The company itself is a member of the Web Analytics Association (WAA). This group, formed in 2003, benefits members by publishing and researching events and new techniques for the web analytics industry. It unites its participants and sets the standards for measuring web site-related data.

The GoingUp web analytics platform, with its SEO tools and specific web analytics, including traffic analytics, allows clients to “know their audience.” Clients are given data for determining customer expectations and preferences. This information is presented to clients from a customizable dashboard which incorporates charts, graphs, and numbers. Traffic information is displayed similar to stock listings, with green arrows indicating growth over variable increments of time. Furthermore, GoingUp web analytics gives clients data about which SEO keywords have resulted in the most visits to a site. In other words, clients can learn how people find — or do not find — their sites. The GoingUp platform’s “Actions & Goals” feature can be used in the initial development of web sites, or in implementing changes to existing ones, to assist design with actual data so clients’ specific aims can be met. GoingUp measures every component of users’ sites and the insights can assist in every function of their businesses.

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