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About Fujitsu Glovia

Glovia Services boasts a history that spans 40 years. It started as a part of Xerox, created as a way for the company to manage growing production strategies. Now, it’s owned by¬†Fujitsu, a multinational information technology manufacturer and software developer. Glovia functions as the ERP systems guru for more than 30 Fujitsu facilities. Glovia’s ERP systems were built by manufacturers, for manufacturers. Glovia’s products are used by companies all over the world for ERP solutions. Glovia handles more than simple resource planning – they build their services on a real-time database that allows immediate feedback on processes. Glovia Services provides unmatched solutions for companies who rely on strategic supply chain management.

Glovia’s ERP solutions are popular with companies of all sizes. From multinational organizations to companies producing and shipping to nearby states, there are solutions for every client. When deployed strategically, these ERP systems help cut costs and ensure top-notch customer satisfaction. Companies who need extended ERP solutions are in luck. Glovia is used to ensure day-to-day excellence at the Fujitsu production facilities, so ERP software clients have access to¬†business software solutions that were built for the largest producers in the world. These extended services allow customers to track procurement, planning and product design in addition to sales and support. Customers can choose from three deployment options: Glovia G2, the on-premise option, Glovia OD, the hosted option, and Glovia OM, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) option.

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