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About Globo NotifyMDM

Notify Technology provides enterprise-level mobile device management (MDM) services and was recently purchased by Globo. Its MDM solution, NotifyMDM, is designed to provide comprehensive management tools including real-time visibility and remote control of any device. NotifyMDM is ideal for companies in the financial, government, healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries.

Notify Technology’s mobile device management products appeal to businesses seeking a flexible and powerful device management solution. NotifyMDM can be implemented in both the cloud and on-premise environments without a change in functionality. The user-friendly dashboard helps IT administrators identify users by carrier, ownership, policy, or platform and features real-time data, statistics and organizational information.  It also allows the creation and management of individual security policies and the implementation of tiered security levels. NotifyMDM improves the performance and efficiency of mobile devices company-wide through remote access to device memory, encryption, signal strength, location, and location history data. The program’s additional features include compliance management, reporting, logging, and emergency lock and wipe options. The platform is compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian S60, a feature not available from all competitors, and can be implemented over the cloud or on-premise.

Notify Technology’s mobile device management solution provides businesses with increased security, data leakage prevention, and enhanced collaboration. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., one of the world’s leading financial firms, was searching for a user-friendly way to securely leverage the use of mobile devices among employees. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. chose Notify Technology’s NotifyMDM product in order to successfully implement a simplified mobile infrastructure in a cloud-based environment. As a result, Lehman Brothers Holdings launched an efficient, secure and flexible bring-your-own-device policy throughout the company.

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