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About Gamma Fly

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Gamma Fly is a gamification software developer and consultancy that brings together game designers, strategists, data analysts, incentive and loyalty specialists, and social scientists to create products that deliver greater engagement.

Gamma Fly offers Quest, a points, badges, and leaderboards (PBL) SaaS engine, and Mesh, a social graph SaaS product.

Quest is more than traditional PBL offerings; it is based on what Gamma Fly calls a ‘token’. A Token may be interpreted in a rich variety of ways, both for display and tracking purposes. For instance a “hidden token” may be assigned to team members based on positive behavior that unlocks additional challenges. The flexibility of the Quest rules system allows deeper control of the program by tweaking not only simple parameters, but also by dynamically adjusting the rule mechanisms based on identified trends. This is important, because some trends may not be influenced by simply making a reward greater, but rather may require the circumstance of the award to change, without re-engineering the system.

Mesh, a social graph, is a deep contextual graph that depicts the personal relationships of users within the Internet space. Taken further, it is the relationships between participants and objects or things (social objects). In short it’s the ‘global mapping of everybody and how they are related’. Mesh maps a community or corporation’s relational connections- be they between participants themselves, participants and things (objects, such as an uploaded photograph), time, events and context. The constant relational data derived through these relationships, allow the owner of this information an enormous amount of opportunity to engage its community or community of communities. If one understands who are the ‘hubs’ and who are the ‘links’ between the hubs, then this becomes a much easier way to direct marketing, and to coordinate retention strategies.

Key to both programs are the strong analytical and reporting capabilities of Gamma Fly. Their data tools allow them to manage multiple campaigns under a single umbrella — with all data tracked and reported in real-time. Gamma Fly then analyses and reports on trends and behaviors so that clients are best prepared to market efficiently, and build a greater engaged experience.  Suggestions are then made on how to tweak or modify system parameters to optimize the behavior modifications as envisioned in the design, much of which can be done on-the-fly.

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