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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Gametize

Gametize’s mission is to increase employee engagement by bringing psychology-based game-like experiences to the workplace. With a strong presence in Asia, Gametize has been used by the banking, marketing, and education organizations, among others. Gametize helps to create and design experimental and elective solutions based on proven, successful methodologies.

Gametize uses their unique 5D framework to define client problems, determine goals, decide target behaviors, describe players, and design gamification strategy. They simplify the game creation process so that clients can focus more on customers than technical details. They provide a range of in-game challenge types to choose from, and can set custom rules and rewards, along with publish the final product to a variety of devices. Gametize’s solutions can be deployed on social media, brand websites, or mobile devices. Gametize also uses a developer-friendly API to integrate apps, and provide analytical tools for insight into user behavior, votes, achievements, and more.

Digital Life, the company that launched Diablo III, used Gametize to power a custom online quest, and engage fans in Singapore. Gametize built the game specifically for Digital Life’s Facebook page, and within 12 days, over 760 players were registered, with an average of 50 new players a day. Participants were encouraged to take pictures of themselves as role-playing characters and ask friends to vote on their picture to increase points. After the 12th day running, over 8,000 votes were cast and over 8,500 social activities had been generated.

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