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g4 StudioProduct Overview

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g4 Studio product overview

The g4 Studio system is a full-featured revenue cycle platform designed for specialty healthcare. The system is designed to equip practices with user-friendly tools that simplify the revenue cycle management process. It provides automation and efficiency into the billing office workflow to eliminate time-consuming manual processes from the specialty practice workflow. g4 Studio is a SaaS-based product that helps specialty healthcare organizations optimize revenue, have accurate cash flow, increase staff efficiency, and reduce stress. Practices that use the system achieve peak financial performance with less effort and increased time spent caring for patients.
g4 Studio major capabilities include:

  • Patient Registration / Front Office Workflow
  • Patient Identity Management
  • Point of Service Collections
  • Authorizations
  • Scheduling
  • Eligibility & Benefit Verification
  • Workflow Tasking
  • System Interoperability
  • HL-7 integration
  • Charge Optimization
  • Claim Filing
  • Remittance Processing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • AR Follow Up

Pros of g4 Studio

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  • Strong systems integration focus: g4 Studio promotes clinical freedom of choice. It enables electronic charge capture from specialty clinical platforms that eliminates errors traditionally resulting from manual data entry. This results in increased charge capture accuracy and reduced time to file.
  • Automates complex reimbursement workflows and eliminates manual processes expense: g4 Studio equips front office staff resources with dedicated system workflows targeted at patient intake. The consolidated screen facilitates a single point of registration and eliminates time and errors caused by inputting data into multiple systems. Rule-driven features automate eligibility verification, support automated posting of payments from even the most complicated ERA files, and task-driven workflows to escalate high priority tasks.
  • Broad library of specialty-specific claim edits: Validates claims with faster and more complete results. g4 Studio provides organizations the flexibility to design an unlimited number of custom rules to meet carrier requirements and automate updates to the charge set. In contrast, most systems can only flag alerts to notify you of errors.

Cons of g4 Studio

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  • Automation options: g4 Studio includes automation options that lead to changes that some users are not prepared for, are overwhelmed with, or do not trust completely. However, workflow automation can be customized so that it is not implemented all at once. It can be adopted according to the pace and scale that the user is comfortable with.

Breakdown of core features

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Workflow efficiency

g4 Studio offers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all aspects of the patient registration process, which allows for a single source for registration. It equips the front office staff resources with built-in dedicated system workflows targeted at patient intake and check out. The comprehensive automated logic monitors completeness, validity, and aging of details on file with auto-identification and assignment of high priority tasks. These workflows reduce staff time by automating payment posting for complicated non-standard ERA files.

Revenue enhancement

Front office workflows help improve point of service collections. Specialty specific rule engines in g4 Studio designed to auto-fix claims helps validate claims faster with more complete results to maximize reimbursement. This accelerates cash flow through increased claim accuracy. Claim filing is made easy with its core claims engine that integrates directly with the clearinghouse, which gives billing office staff a direct line of sight into the status of the claim. The remittance process provides automated alerts that highlight underpayments and denials. Data warehouse provides reporting tools and open access to every recorded field in the system. A scoring based workflow sends the highest-value account to the AR staff.

System interoperability

g4 Studio includes a flexible integration model that promotes freedom of choice for clinical systems and allows for electronic charges to be captured.

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  • Patient registration/front office workflow
  • Authorizations
  • Workflow tasking
  • Eligibility & benefit verification
  • Remittance processing
  • Charge optimization
  • Claim filing
  • Analytics
  • AR follow up
  • Flexible integration model
  • Electronic charge capture


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