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FunnelMakerProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

FunnelMaker product overview

Funnelmaker is a cloud-based, collaborative CRM and marketing solution. FunnelMaker helps organizations capture and deploy communication and intelligence under one login. Funnelmaker automatically posts 90% of important communication, including clicks, calls, texts, read status, downloads, surveys, form submissions and video views, emails, and website traffic for each user. With Funnelmaker’s alert system your team can be immediately notified when prospects or clients reach your threshold levels of activity.

FunnelMaker eliminates (in most cases) the need for bolt-on apps one might need. For clients that come short with team or talent, FunnelMaker also offers several marketing support programs where their team can act and function like your team. The typical onboarding scenario gets most clients to a fully functional execution inside a month, however, If you require an expedited onboarding experience, a premium process can onboard your account within a week.

Pros of FunnelMaker

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Surveys with senior management share that non-existent notes continues to be their largest concern regarding CRM usage. With FunnelMaker’s integrated click-to-dial calling feature, every call is transcribed (inbound or outbound) automatically for our CRM users. Traditional CRMs are completely dependent on a user’s memory and judgement as to what they keystroke into their CRM. FunnelMaker users only have to log appointments and followups, everything else is logged for them.

Cons of FunnelMaker

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FunnelMaker’s wide variety of tools may be too much for smaller companies and teams.

Breakdown of core features

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Sales Management

FunnelMaker is constantly watching and scoring your contact’s activities. When they click a link, download a brochure, visit your website or landing pages, click an ad, etc. you can automatically launch an entire suite of communication capabilities. With unlimited grouping, you can also set up multiple shopping carts all within one FunnelMaker subscription. Drive one time or recurring charges from within our shopping cart tools.

Marketing Automation

Like most email marketing solutions, FunnelMaker tracks and identifies all reads, clicks and forwards. Additionally, for every one-on-one and/or broadcast email sent, FunnelMaker logs those sent emails automatically inside every contact record.

Operations & Communication

Push your voice or text message out to your contacts using FunnelMaker’s automated marketing workflow. FunnelMaker also comes with a landing page builder inside complete with smart forms that launch your marketing automation.

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  • Custom Group Strategy
  • Landing Pages & Smart Forms
  • Voice and Text Automation
  • Lead Scoring & Activity Automation
  • e-Commerce
  • Email Marketing with Integrated CRM
  • Surveys
  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  • eLearning
  • eDocs
  • Web Chat
  • Ad Campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Quick Books
  • Zapier
  • Custom API
  • 30 languages built-in
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