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About SoftWorks FTMaintenance

Fastrak SoftWorks Incorporated is a software company stationed in Wisconsin with a proven track record that stretches nearly 20 years. The company has served more than 20,000 clients around the globe. Their maintenance management software functions through an operation streamlining method which guarantees big time and money savings. This company serves many government departments in the United States.

FTMaintenance is a maintenance management software produced by FasTrak SoftWorks Incorporated. FTMaintenance¬†is designed to assist industries in varying fields, including water and waste water management, automotive manufacturing, gas and oil, food and medicine, and others. The program assists in limiting and decreasing equipment downtime and failures. It is also designed to increase the usability cycle of equipment while transforming manual operations into a completely automated process. This versatile automation by the CMMS software can accommodate all the needs and requirements of a company’s operation. The maintenance management software of FasTrak is updated regularly for improved performance.

The FTMaintenance software features a customization system which aids integration into current operating solutions. This customization feature is offered with modules to guide users in making function additions during the customization process. It helps in the tracking and overall management of company assets, including facilities and equipment. The solution easily generates work orders. FTMaintenance is backed up by experienced professionals who have extensive background in technological fields.


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