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Frontu (formerly Tasker)

A technician-first FSM software solution
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Frontu (formerly Tasker)Product Overview

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  2. Pros of Frontu (formerly Tasker)
  3. Cons of Frontu (formerly Tasker)
  4. Breakdown of core features

Frontu product overview

Frontu, formerly Tasker, is a field service management software provider focusing on frontline field service workers. It delivers a digital solution for companies in heavy equipment, vending, facility management, utility, security, and HVAC industries. The software offers versatile functionality and tailored add-ons to bring the next level of field service management experience. Tailored to different verticals, Frontu simplifies field service management, gets rid of manual paperwork, cuts costs, and brings clarity to employees and customers.

The establishment of Frontu helped field service companies tackle the problems caused by traditional operation management methods. Many modern organizations still heavily rely on pen and paper, increasing their risk of mistakes and errors. Eventually, the Frontu team found out that the issue involved unmotivated technicians, lost documents, decisions not based on data, long invoicing circles, and miscommunication between sales and service departments.

It became clear to Frontu that the change had to start with frontline employees since they work with customers and solve issues, meaning that the product had to be designed for their needs first. The idea inspired the team to transform the brand and become Frontu – a technician-first FSM software solution.

Pros of Frontu

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  • Frontu users can keep working without the internet because the software can work offline, understanding the nature of field service work. Technicians can sign documents, update work status, and do all things they need to do. The software keeps all the information and sends/registers it on the cloud once connected to the internet again.
  • Users can tailor their service experience with multiple add-on options. The software’s utility add-on allows meter installation, replacement, removal, sealing, and unsealing. Its shift workers add-on enables users to always be on top of the team’s work. The security add-on streamlines the management of patrolling guards wherever they are.

Cons of Frontu

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  • Frontu’s iOS app for field service technicians is currently in the development phase.

Breakdown of core features

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Track location and time

With Frontu, users can assign tasks in real-time based on workload and location and improve backlog management. The software’s NFC technology and barcode scanning inform users when a job begins and ends in real-time. There’s no need to wait for the technician to call, return to base to report, or bring back timesheets. Management becomes more simple, interactive, and adds value at every step of the way.

Integrate with other management systems

While Frontu specializes in solving FS problems and roadblocks, its technology stack also empowers organizations to integrate with accounting, CRM, and warehouse management systems, including Jira, Google Sheets, or Zapier. Businesses can customize the solution to better serve their needs.

Frontu can act as the baseline, the foundational piece for an extended, comprehensive solution that can propel the business to new heights. Using the solution, companies can centralize operations instead of jumping from software to software.

Capture, edit, and send pictures

Technicians can take pictures and apply edits, such as circling the area of emphasis and leaving notes to explain a problem and give visual evidence. This feature makes it simple for management to understand the situation and is critical in resolving issues and having a detailed track record of the job’s progress and life cycle. Users can attach pictures to the job sheet.

Live inventory monitoring

Frontu provides a live update of stock, materials, tools, and inventory levels. Organizations will never run out, always know when to put orders in, and allocate them equally across technicians and jobs.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Architecture / Engineering / Construction, Computer and Technology, Education and Training, Hospitality / Entertainment / Travel, Field Services / Maintenance, Food and Beverage, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Staffing / Recruiting, Non-Profit / Public Sector, Pharmaceutical, Private Security, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale, Sales, Scientific, Telecommunications, Transportation / Shipping
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Mid Sized Businesses





  • Time tracking, calendar, unlimited tasks
  • Offline mode
  • Customizable tasks, task types, objects, contacts, permissions
  • Reporting including task stop reasons
  • Geopositioning and location history fieldworker tracking
  • Mobile application
  • Real-time task assignment and assessment
  • On-premise note-taking
  • Image attachments and drawing functionality
  • Automatic task completion reports sent directly to the client’s email
  • On-premise digital signatures
  • Questionnaires/Checklists
  • Remote digital signature
  • Customers platform
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Periodic/recurring task optimization
  • Skill and task matching
  • Fully-documented API
  • Custom fields
  • Equipment level
  • Custom branding
  • On-premise hosting or dedicated server
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Custom integrations


  • Power BI
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Fleet Complete
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
  • Beds24

Pricing Model

  • Essential
  • Professional
  • Custom


  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Latvian
  • Estonian
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian