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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About FreeCRM

Formed in 2003, FreeCRM offers robust, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) services – one of which is indeed free – that are user-friendly and easily customizable to companies of all focuses and sizes. From marketing automation to generating sales forecasting reports, FreeCRM’s functionality covers a wide range of features for businesses.

FreeCRM’s basic package includes real-time dashboards that users can customize to display specific reports right from the home screen as well as a group calendar that employees can use to line up their upcoming schedules. A staple of any CRM, FreeCRM’s contact management functionality allows businesses to create customer profiles that segment contacts based on business type, job function and previous interaction history. To better guide leads through the sales funnel, FreeCRM’s deal tracking module provides users with an easy to use pipeline that highlights what accounts are at which stage. This feature extends beyond overseeing leads and lets users analyze the success of marketing campaigns and forecast future sales. In addition to sales analysis, this software platform lets businesses design and execute e-mail and print marketing campaigns directly from their CRM. FreeCRM’s robust marketing features integrate with businesses’ current POP mail accounts for tracking e-mail marketing metrics. Marketing automation takes the tedium out of manually executing every mass e-mail and survey creation captures crucial customer information.

Design & Marketing firm Pivotal Partners implemented FreeCRM in order to better manage its large number of clients. Utilizing FreeCRMs customizable dashboards, Pivotal Partners customized the home screen to display specific KPIs, like client responses to submitted work and how clients reacted to suggestions for using Pivotal Partners for more services. With account managers quickly and easily able to access data on customer behavior, Pivotal Partners acquired a deeper understanding of its clients and increased customer satisfaction.

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