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About Fortay

Fortay is a data-driven “culture scaling” solution that helps leaders keep their organizational culture intact as they scale for growth. Hiring managers use Fortay reviews to objectively screen talent for culture fit, measure and improve culture, and improve engagement.

According to Fortay, “Culture eats everything,” because of its immeasurable yet considerable impact on the bottom line. With Fortay’s “culture-first” approach, companies can help ensure success for years to come with a highly engaged and happy work force.

With Fortay, your best people define your company’s distinct cultural profile to create an internal baseline; this is crucial, as every company culture is unique. Unlike psychometric-based solutions, Fortay focuses on the collective, promotes diversity, and matches for relative culture fit in just five minutes.

To help leaders keep the pulse of their teams, identify key issues, and improve performance, Fortay’s real-time survey and polling platform gives their employees a voice while ensuring their anonymity. Designed to be flexible and lightweight, Fortay’s surveys and polls take five minutes or less, helping to increase engagement and completion rates.

Companies from small startups to large enterprises use Fortay for many reasons: increase hiring efficiency, measure culture on a company-wide or team level, avoid turnover, remote workers, and increase performance and productivity.

We recommend Fortay to any organization considering an employee pulse survey platform, but especially growing firms that who want to retain the culture that helped them succeed thus far.

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