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About Fedena

Foradian Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for educational institutions. Foradian’s products and services are used for educational administration, management,and all learning-related activities. Their flagship product, Fedena, is a complete student information system. They also offer Uzity, a learning management software solution designed to enable organizations to teach using the power of the Internet.

Fedena is a multipurpose school management software used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide to manage students, teachers, employees, courses, and all the systems and processes related to running your institution efficiently. Fedena is developed on Ruby on Rails, comes with multi-language support and is very user-friendly. Fedena can either be installed on your local servers or be hosted online as a cloud ERP to give you access to all your information from anywhere with Internet access.

Fedena comes with 50+ modules, and new modules are being added based on user requests and responses. Presently you can use Fedena to manage inventory, transportation, hostel operations, finances, admissions, time-tracking and a whole lot more. Appropriate for post-graduate institutions as well as K-12 schools, Fedena is a flexible and powerful enterprise resource planning solution suitable for educational institutions of all types. 

We recommend Fedena primarily to international universities or multi-site educational institutions looking to align administrative functions and centralize service delivery. Not sure if Fedena is the right student information system and ERP for your educational organization? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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