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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Computer and Technology, Software / Web Development
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Fog Creek FogBugz

Project management is at the core of running a solid and profitable business. If you are looking for new project management software, Fog Creek Software now offers FogBugz to answer all of your project management needs. FogBugz specifically allows businesses to outline upcoming projects and tasks. It also has time estimates for your projects, so you can be realistic and learn how to make your business’ projects more efficient. Project future business goals with the milestones feature. Keep your business’ reporting on track with integrated reporting features. With FogBugz Wiki feature, you will no longer have to worry about where you are going to keep all of your company’s documentation.

Fog Creek’s FogBugz software is an excellent choice for managing your business, tracking bugs, and streamlining business. Fog Creek was founded in 2000 by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor. Fog Creek focuses on their workers by creating the best work environment possible, in turn creating the best project management software for its customers. Perhaps best known for creating the widely popular programmer and developer forum, Stack Overflow, Fog Creek serves various companies including Tumblr, Apple, and ESPN. If you are looking to raise your company’s confidence, FogBugz is the right software. It raises confidence and increases productivity.

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