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About EC Sourcing FlexRFP

Founded in 1991 by CEO Andy Caetta and CMO Ron Emma, EC Sourcing Group is a privately held company providing vendor management software. Their primary product is FlexRFP, an on-demand RFP — Request for Proposal — tool designed to simplify and streamline supplier relationship management (SRM). Their goal is to provide flexible, easy-to-use, strategic sourcing and supply chain management software that requires no training for your vendors to use.

The FlexRFP Spend Analysis supply chain management (SCM) tool gives you a way to avoid searching through multiple spreadsheets to get an overview of your expenditures. FlexRFP doesn’t do away with Excel; rather, it enhances Excel’s capabilities to make it easy to analyze large data sets, alter them, and create reports from them. FlexRFP provides Excel-like functionality on the Internet for simple remote use by you or your suppliers. FlexRFP Vendor Management Software makes it easy to create, modify and store templates for regular, reverse and soft auctions. A template library is included to get you started. EC Sourcing Group’s RFP software provides supplier input controls so that you get back only the information you want. Because the supplier management software provided by FlexRFP is Excel-friendly, it’s easy to download datasheets and specs from thousands of suppliers. Tagging is provided and can be done by supplier, or project. A handy feature you’ll grow to appreciate is the online vendor self-registration capability. Some of the more important benefits FlexRFP is said to provide are an average savings of 18 percent, efficiency and time savings of 40 percent or more, transparency in the bidding and purchasing processes, increased audit and archive capabilities for government compliance, and better insight into sourcing progress and results.

The spokesperson for a major clothing retailer and wholesaler that implemented FlexRFP software said, “Since implementation over 3 years ago, we’ve had great success using the solution to generate savings and leverage the automated web-based platform to increase bid visibility, timing and structure to provide a more formalized and credible bidding process.”

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