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About Fixmo

Fixmo, recently acquired by Good Technology, offers mobile security and mobile management platforms for large government and enterprise organizations. It has headquarters in the United States and in Canada, and the mission of the company is to identify, mitigate, and manage the risks associated with the use of mobile devices in the workplace. The mobile device management (MDM) security and protection of sensitive information is paramount with the Fixmo platform.

Fixmo offers an entire enterprise mobility platform suite, which includes Fixmo SafeZone, Fixmo Sentinel, Fixmo SafeLock MDM, Samsung Knox, and Fixmo Secure Gesture. Fixmo SafeZone protects all business email and apps with AES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication and advanced policy controls. Fixmo Sentinel ensures that all devices connected to the network remain in a secure state, and allows IT admins to monitor all third-party applications on the devices. Fixmo SafeLock MDM provides centralized management for Android, BlackBerry, and Apple devices, while Samsung Knox provides additional support for Samsung devices. Finally, Fixmo Secure Gesture verifies the identity of users attempting to access secure apps or data over corporate networks. There is also Fixmo AppZone, which helps develop, test, deploy, and manage apps across devices.

Fixmo provides mobile device management to the US Department of Defense. This provides the agency with the ability to send very sensitive information to a variety of mobile devices, wherever they may be. It also allows the DOD to ensure that any secure data can be immediately wiped from devices, and optimizes the operations of troops stationed all around the world.

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