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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Acumatica

Founded in 2007 and located in Kirkland, Washington, Acumatica is a fast-growing provider of cloud-based Financial Management Software. Their primary product is a Cloud ERP software package. Their software is targeted towards small and medium businesses. Acumatica distributes its products through a network of VARs, ISVs and OEMs.

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP software suite is composed of several modules. The General Ledger Module is what its name implies. The Cash Management Module provides tools to manage day-to-day operations with respect to cash transactions, funds transfers and reconciliation of bank accounts. The Accounts Receivable Module helps manage invoicing and payment collection. Automatic population of data fields for existing accounts is standard. Automatic calculation is provided for taxes, commissions, discounts, due dates and more. The Accounts Payable Module helps companies manage their liabilities for goods or services they have purchased. It features the same time-saving features found in the AR Module. Comprehensive reporting is featured in both the AR and AP modules. The Employee Portal Module helps track employee time, expenses and task assignments. The EP module integrates with the AR and AP modules as necessary. The Currency Management Module can facilitate international sales and operations. The CM module eases the complicated task of monitoring currency fluctuations. The Tax Management Module centralizes all tax compliance activities, as well as providing tax audit and tax reporting capabilities. The Deferred Revenue Management Module helps companies manage anticipated revenue in future periods. It integrates fully with other modules as needed. Additionally, there is a Fixed Assets Management Module and an Intercompany Accounting Module. Security-wise, it’s worth noting that Acumatica is unaffected by the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. As one of the fastest-growing Cloud ERP software providers, Acumatica merits consideration for all financial management software needs.

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