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About Fairsail HCM

With offices in San Francisco and Reading, Great Britain, Fairsail specializes in the development of human capital management software and systems that are today used by more than 100 businesses in 20 countries. Meeting the demands of modern corporations, Fairsail’s human capital management (HCM) software addresses all of the traditional issues related to human resources while also availing its clients with social interaction components.

Fairsail HCM, the name brand for the company’s human capital management software, integrates different components, including performance management software, talent management software applications and measurements of personnel skills and corporate competencies alike. By measuring personnel skills, Fairsail believes, employee contributions can be increased and costs related to unwanted employee attrition can be reduced. Furthermore, Fairsail HCM assists clients in aligning employee actions with corporate aims, thereby helping companies achieve their objectives more quickly. This package also includes performance review functions, identification of skills gaps and storage and maintenance of employee records. Its developmental planning component allows clients to easily identify which team members are most appropriately suited to work on which projects, and an incorporated assessment and feedback application provides clients with insights on those aspects of their businesses which are difficult to define, such as “soft skills” and “behavioral skills.” There is, perhaps, no better testament to Fairsail’s success in providing its clients with effective human capital and human resources solutions than its report for the last quarter of 2013, which showed record sales, including a 200% jump in gross sales revenue.

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