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About Eyecom3 is a web-based electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management solution that is designed for use by ophthalmology practices and eye care professionals.  The platform allows doctors to integrate the system into their current workflow without sacrificing patient interaction and care.  Because the platform is browser-based, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing doctors to access information on the go and from anywhere in the office.  With Eyecom3, doctors are able to write prescriptions electronically after an exam, and in-house inventory is tracked through the system as well.  Patient records are kept in one place in the system, eliminating the need to look in multiple locations for patient related information.  Patient appointment records can be accessed within Eyecom3’s scheduler, where office staff can also schedule and edit appointments and exams.  Calendars can be set and viewed based on doctor, office, or specific station location, and appointments can be searched and edited all from within the appointment calendar.

With Eyecom3’s built-in accounting features, billables and patient accounts can be managed and interfaced with electronic insurance claims.  The system’s ledger feature keeps track of all charges and payments in a line item format, allowing practitioners an in-depth view of their daily financial activities.  In addition, all e-claims that are filed have direct and clearinghouse processing, and support Medicare and HCFA claims submission.  Eyecom3 has full features for electronic medical records as well, with chart and SOAP note templates that can be used during exams.  Medical history can be accessed during an exam, and the system supports the uploading of documents and images from a patient exam.  Eyecom3 offers ophthalmology practices an integrated EHR and practice management solution specifically tailored to their needs, and a good choice for offices looking to improve their office efficiency without sacrificing workflow.

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