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About Excitor

Excitor is a mobile device management (MDM) solutions vendor that allows employees to securely work from their personal mobile device while away from their desk. Excitor DME isw based out of the United Kingdom and offers complete separation of personal and business data.

With Excitor, mobile devices are split and placed into separate ‘containers’ of data security. In a workplace that relies on mobile management, this allows users to have a container for their personal use and a more secure container for work purposes. This platform supports smartphones and tablets that run iOS, Windows Mobile, or Android, though not all features are available on all devices. It offers a built-in Micro VPN for business data, does not require Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and offers unique apps for email and PIM. Excitor also offers the DME AppBox, which has a secure web browsing environment, and lets users create HTML5 apps that can be published to any device running DME. Using the business container, work documents can be stored for offline access, and can be signed digitally on the mobile device without the need to print or scan. In the workplace, the IT admin can only access employee’s business containers, giving workers peace of mind when it comes to their personal data.

The Fylde Borough Council chose Excitor DME when transitioning to a BYOD environment. The use of the DME platform provided a secure environment for mobile access to work documents and apps, yet still allowed members of the system to keep their personal documents separated. Employees could access their business information with a Windows-based password on their devices. Since employees are using personal devices rather than relying on the Borough Council to provide them, expenses are down and productivity is up.

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