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About EventSentry

EventSentry provides actionable insights into network activity with a wide variety of monitoring and reporting tools to protect server environments. The solution includes a new, redesigned management console that simplifies many user tasks. The new Arp Watch daemon tracks all network activity on the data link layer to alert users when new devices are added to the network. Network activity is also continuously tracked and  ARP Spoof attempts are detected in real-time.

Features include: Windows registry tracking, configuration package assignments based on tags, expanded process monitoring to track and correlate network activity and monitor running processes, lateral detection, enhanced ransomware detection, UPS and battery monitoring, software version checker, user activity monitoring, audit policy status, expanded syslog formats, and netflow data collection to visualize and analyze network traffic and measure bandwidth utilization.

EventSentry offers easily added notes and documentation, enhanced event messages with GeoIP, expanded compliance reports, central collector service which supports data collection over insecure mediums (e.g. Internet) through strong TLS encryption, switch inventory which enables users to see which port on a switch a particular server, workstation, or network device is connected to, a compliance module with reports to help meet compliance requirements, and expanded tile options to display current status of performance, disk space or environment sensor value through heatmaps, gauges, bullet graphs, and meters.

Also available in Event Sentry is multi-language support, multiple dashboards, scheduled task inventory, virtual host inventory, powerful search inquiries, and scheduled reporting.
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