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About Lumesse ETWeb

Supported by HgCapital, the largest European investor in technology, Lumesse parted from StepStone in 2010. As part of its integrated Lumesse ETWeb venture, the company produces talent management software, recognizing the need for businesses to attract outstanding job candidates.

Used by clients including Heineken, France Telecom and Tommy Hilfiger, Lumesse talent management software is available in nearly 30 languages. It incorporates Web 2.0 technology, and utilizes social media including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It further identifies which sources are likely to produce the highest volume and quality of candidate applications. Ultimately, Lumesse talent management software consolidates the many aspects of personnel recruitment, hiring and appointments into a single human resource management software package that is available to customers as a single interface. The ETWeb product also includes performance management software, and it provides clients with evaluations that can be used, for example, to determine what kind of training an employee or team needs, and the rewards each employee has earned through ongoing performance. Lumesse’s talent management software is designed to foster alignment between the employee, the team, the manager and corporate objectives.

(Last updated on 03/17/2017)

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