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About etracker

Etracker was founded in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany by founders Christian Bennefeld and Oliver Krapp. The company is the creator of the self-named etracker web analytics software solution. Since its inception, etracker has grown to serve more than more than 110,000 clients in Europe and around the world, including well-known names such as Burger King, Bahlsen, Bauer Media Group, T-Mobile, and eprimo. The company attributes its success to the numerous innovations and upgrades it has made to its web analytics platform over the years, along with having “a well-balanced price-performance ratio” and providing personal support for its users.

A cloud-based solution, etracker web analytics software offers advanced web analytics that uses page tagging to generate website visitor statistics. Unlike other analytic software solutions, etracker offers the advantage of being specifically engineered to be compliant at all times with strict German data privacy laws. etracker’s interface is intuitive and provides real-time data and other information, including detailed analysis of visitors’ interactions with your website. Plug-ins are available for a number of popular website platforms, including ePages, WordPress, and Drupal, among others. etracker also  interfaces with a number of third-party systems, notably including Google AdWords, making this software-as-a-service (SaaS) website monitoring software solution a single method of tracking data from multiple sources. etracker is available in English, Spanish, French, and German. Apps are available for both Android and iPhone, allowing etracker users to monitor website traffic and other data on the go. Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions of etracker’s web analytics software are available on a monthly subscription basis, and prices are variable depending on the number of page views. They also offer a risk-free trial, contact TechnologyAdvice today to get access. 

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