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Banking / Accounting / Financial, Healthcare, Retail and Wholesale
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Any Sized Businesses

About eSkill

eSkill provides relevant, valid, and fully customizable tests for any job or testing objective. Employee roles at specific companies are different from each other. eSkill’s assessments measure a candidate’s fit for a role by being as realistic as online technology allows and is totally customizable.

eSkill’s testing process is positive and professional and helps companies to discover whether the job will be a good match for a candidate’s knowledge and aptitudes or not. This allows for improved team performance, reduced staff turnover, and candidates who are satisfied with the quality of the assessment process.

Four business needs that eSkill addresses are: 1. Hiring competent employees while reducing time-to-hire. 2. Assigning candidates to the best positions for their skill. 3. Increasing EEOC compliance through assessments demonstrably tailored to each job’s requirement. 4. Evaluating employees’ knowledge prior to or post-training.

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