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eSkillProduct Overview

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eSkill product overview

eSkill provides relevant, valid, and fully customizable employment assessments for all types of jobs and testing objectives. Its testing process is positive and professional, which helps companies discover whether or not a job is a good match for a candidate’s knowledge and experience. This allows for improved team performance, reduced staff turnover, and a positive application and interview experience for candidates.

eSkill addresses four business needs. The assessment platform improves quality of hire while reducing time-to-hire. It places candidates in the best positions for their skill level and experience. It reduces Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance risk. And it evaluates employee knowledge prior to and/or post-training.

Pros of eSkill

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  • Extensive test library: eSkill’s Test Library is one of the most extensive in the assessment industry. It includes over 800 standard job-based and subject-based tests that cover topics such as MS Office, Call Center Operations, Engineering, Technical Aptitude, and Accounting and Financial knowledge. The library also includes over 600 modular subjects such as Typing and Data Entry, Medical Coding and Billing, Java and PHP Programming, and Customer Service. Clients can choose questions to create customized tests that match their specific job requirements and add their own questions if they wish.
  • Test creation options: eSkill offers clients the option to choose pre-prepared tests if this is what they prefer. However, they can also create a test using questions from the eSkill Test Library. They can choose particular questions, use the eSkill Editor to modify them as needed, and add their own questions. Clients can include simulation questions that replicate their work environment so they can evaluate how candidates would perform on the job. Also, they can include on-demand video questions in assessments.

Cons of eSkill

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  • Behavioral assessments: Behavioral assessments are not as thorough or well-developed but offerings are under development.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): eSkill has not integrated AI functionality aggressively since the platform’s strength has always been in skills testing where AI is less of a factor in candidate selection. As it plans to introduce a more robust behavioral assessment offering, plans to add AI is in the near future.

Breakdown of core features

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Skills tests and behavioral assessments

Clients can use customizable skills tests to build strong candidate pools and make smart hiring decisions. They can use its behavioral assessments to verify if candidates are a good fit for their corporate culture. Job- and subject-related skills tests are available for a variety of industry sectors such as staffing, call centers, retail, information technology, hospitality, and government. These tests can also be used internally to pinpoint skills and knowledge gaps to identify employees who are ready for new challenges or be candidates for additional training and development.

Interactive simulations

Simulations help clients evaluate whether applicants can really do a job by requiring them to perform tasks they would do if hired. For example, they can evaluate candidates’ multitasking abilities by requiring them to simultaneously complete multiple tasks accurately. They can test customer service aptitude by presenting them with real-life email and phone situations, or assess knowledge of MS Office® applications by asking them to perform specific tasks using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Video interviewing

On-demand video interviews help organizations get a complete and thorough view of prospective hires. Clients can use them standalone or include video questions in skills tests and behavioral assessments. This allows them to evaluate skills that are difficult to measure by reviewing skills test results such as verbal communication abilities and foreign language proficiency. They can also verify candidates’ identity by requiring them to show a picture ID.

Team scoring

Team scoring enables hiring teams to “blindly” grade candidates’ responses according to a customized set of criteria. An HR administrator sets up the evaluation process flow and assigns different in-house experts to assess responses. Then, the administrator approves the final overall score. In addition to facilitating group hiring, team scoring helps minimize subjective and unconscious bias because all candidates are required to answer the same questions in the same order.

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Quick Facts

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  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Simultaneous candidates screening
  • Test score sorting
  • Individual results view
  • Professional reports generation
  • eSkill Test Library
  • Custom assessments
  • Simulation questions
  • On-demand video interview questions
  • Group interviews
  • Team scoring
  • Customized online test center
  • ATS and LMS systems integrations


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  • SmartRecruiters
  • Greenhouse

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