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About eRPortal

The eRPortal Software Group was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Massachusetts. They are an industry leader in materials tracking and asset and maintenance management software solutions. Their applications are easy to use and designed with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of industries.

eRPortal’s CMMS software (Computer Maintenance Management Software) simplifies maintenance management. There is no longer the need for manual labor to track and manage the status of work orders. This software tracks and analyzes your work and plans for maintenance and daily operations easily. Asset status impacts organizational performance, whether the asset is a building or shop machinery. eRPortal provides integrated maintenance management software that automates management of assets throughout their life cycle. The solutions are web-enabled and mobile. By managing workforce planning, alerts, labor scheduling, and more, this CMMS software is one of the easiest to use in the industry, requiring minimal training. Utilizing eRPortal’s CMMS software will provide enhanced communications with staff and partners, in addition to accurate work histories, while recording and tracking the status of tasks. eRPortal’s enterprise asset management software is high performing and configurable for specific industries. Offering the functionality to manage physical plant operations and strategic assets, this software is a great fit for municipalities, manufacturing and education.

United Water utilized the web based eRPortal solution to streamline preventative maintenance and repair. The new system was implemented quickly due to the intuitive interface. As Thomas Azevedo, Assistant
Superintendent said, “We found the software very easy to use, which keeps our training time low.” The transition radically improved upon United Water’s previous paper-based work order system.

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