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About K3 Syspro Equator

K3, developer of Equator brand human resources management software, is a division of the K3 Business Technology Group. The parent company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and boasts 30 years of experience implementing business solutions. The K3 division itself strives to hire and retain enthusiastic, motivated personnel whose first priority is simplifying client business processes.

The Equator human resources management software suite is authored entirely by K3, and it is available to business clients through on-site installation or as a cloud solution. It can also be purchased module by module rather than as a fully integrated package of human resource management software operating from a single database. Each module includes a number of essential human resources capabilities. The Personnel module, for example, entails recruitment management software, employee management software and many other components. Use these components for personnel reviews, training and entitlements like vacation and sick days. It also tracks the whereabouts of employees during work hours and provides clients with valuable analytic capabilities. Going from the office to the production floor, K3 Equator’s Real Time Data Collection module employs bar code scanning to collect data, which it then collates electronically. Other modules, which perform the operations indicated by their names, include Payroll, Time and Attendance, Access Control and Employee Portal. This Equator human resources management software serves a wide array of functions and fits well with any HR layout.

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