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ePROMIS ERPProduct Overview

ePROMIS Solutions is a dynamic software development company providing complete Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions for small, midsize and corporate businesses. The company is fully focused on developing Advanced Business Management Systems that can provide numerous advantages to big and small businesses alike. ePROMIS Solutions has its Headquarters in Houston, USA. With 30 + years of combined experience serving small, medium and enterprise organizations, ePROMIS has acquired many customers around the globe. We also get utmost satisfaction in the fact that our customer retention rate is more than 95%.

 ePROMIS, a business management software developed by ePROMIS Solutions has been the company’s pride. A simple-to-use fully integrated ERP system, it covers the core modules such as Financial Accounting, Procurement, Project Costing, Inventory Management, Purchase, Sales, HR / Payroll Systems, Asset Management, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc. In short, encompassing all the key functions needed for a business to aid in decision-making. 

 ePROMIS software is designed to support the entire business operations and can be customized according to industry-specific functions and in the language, time-zone and currency specific to the area where the business is conducted. The software is specifically developed to help businesses in the construction, contracting, MEP, manufacturing, trading and retail industries.

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Alternatives to ePROMIS

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NetSuite is the most trusted cloud-based ERP software in the world, integrating all key business processes into a single system -- financials, inventory, sales, CRM, eCommerce, and marketing.

We're an industry-recognized NetSuite Solution Provider that designs, implements, and supports all aspects of the NetSuite Platform.

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3 Katana Manufacturing ERP

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Katana is a manufacturing ERP that gives you a live look at your business. Features include live inventory and manufacturing management, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, a Shop Floor App for total floor-level control, open API, and a growing channel partner network. Real-time master planning features automate resource allocation based on prioritized sales orders and integrations with e-commerce, accounting, CRM, and reporting services to centralize all key business operations.

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4 Kechie ERP Software

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My Office Apps (MOA) offers business automation for today’s business environment. MOA presents the best features in a cloud-based solution in one fully integrated software. Our robust and intuitive user interface retrieves information quickly, accurately, and in real-time, giving you the exact information when you need it. A full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a complete Inventory Management and Warehouse Management, a Manufacturing Option, and an entire Finance Module.

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5 Acumatica Cloud ERP

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