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About EPIC by Clarity Wave

EPIC™ is an innovative software system, based in the cloud, that allows companies to measure their staff’s happiness and satisfaction levels. While one main feature of the software that benefits companies the most is its ability to identify and retain their top employees according to their own co-worker’s perceptions, it also can reveal negative trends with almost 70 indicators. This software aims to uncover areas where HR leaders can immediately affect positive and powerful changes and motivate staff to help them be part of the solution for issues the company is facing. The software also allows team members to interact, give public praise, and private feedback in a social network setting.
EPIC™ offers many features for companies to better understand their workplace climate. Unique micro surveys, which take users about 2 to 5 minutes to complete, are submitted weekly and can be taken via desktop or mobile devices. A gamified system is used to keep team members highly engaged, awarding them with points, badges, and trophies. Users can trade points in a customizable prize store for prizes. This store is easy to configure and adapts to any size budget. EPIC™ also offers real time data and reports with over 60 points of data, including 8 workplace climate dimensions and 22 sub-dimensions. Happiness, Climate, Engagement, Reliability, Rooted, Consistency, and EPIC Indexes are all measured. Up to 11 advanced report types can be generated from 3 impact levels, 6 engagement levels, and 15 essential factors. A two-way feedback and recognition engine is also included to encourage communication between team members. Peer-based recognition, peer-to-peer messaging, rewards, and real-time feedback are all available.
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