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About ePAC

EPAC Software Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island and is a provider of Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Senior EPAC staff have an average of 22 years of experience in engineering and maintenance.

EPAC’s ePAC CMMS & EAM software can be purchased or licensed in three ways: owned and installed on a company’s hardware; hosted in ePAC’s servers with monthly licensing on a concurrent user basis; or owned but with ePAC hosting, which is less costly than the lease/host approach. ePAC’s work order (WO) management software features inventory and non-inventory parts planning, automatic requisition of parts from WO, and preventative maintenance WO’s with scheduling and tracking capabilities. The asset tracking software included in ePAC’s CMMS can provide real-time calculations for asset criticality, mean time before repair, and mean time until asset failure. It also includes automatic generation of bills of material, real-time financials, lockout and tag-out instructions, and the ability to build asset images. The ePAC CMMS includes preventative maintenance management software with blackout-aware scheduling that can be fixed or float, automatic or manual. The ePAC CMMS allows inventory tracking of an unlimited number of storerooms with unlimited stocking locations in each storeroom. It can also suggest min/max quantities on a per-part basis. It provides part imaging for unlimited suppliers and parts, with real-time tracking of where parts are used, and can forecast future inventory requirements with automatic BOM generation. Of course ePAC’s CMMS provides all the standard reports and charts, plus more of their own. ePAC’s software can be accessed on a mobile device, laptop or desktop.

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