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Enterprise Hive specializes in social business software for both consumer-facing and employee-facing use cases. Enterprise Hive’s gamification platform, HiveSocial, is a secure, cloud-based application that is simple to implement, easy to manage, and able to engage users across an organization. Enterprise Hive uses its gamification platform to keep employees and customers motivated, increase productivity, and reward targeted behavior.

Enterprise Hive’s HiveSocial can be used on nearly any mobile device and connects customers, employees, and business partners. The mobile capabilities keep people connected to the brand in a secure and private online community, while the imbedded game mechanics of HiveSocial enable clients to easily train new users and encourage participation in the workplace. Engaging with others, collaborating among team members, and creating posts are all activities for which HiveSocial can supply rewards. HiveSocial is designed to offer deeper incentives than a digital badge, so participants can earn more relevant rewards to remain engaged, like digital certifications for completing training. Additionally, companies can create their own campaign challenges or quests to better appeal to specific users and offer added value. Users can track their involvement with quests that are available, started, and completed.

The University System of Georgia launched an online community to connect students and administrators across the university’s 34 campuses using cloud-based social business software. HiveSocial worked with the online community GeorgiaBEST and had it operational within two weeks. Through the HiveSocial platform, students and users are able to share information, find documents, and more, all with very little site administration.

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