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HiveSocialProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

HiveSocial product overview

Enterprise Hive creates social business software to empower organizations to achieve business goals using private, secure online communities. Its flagship product, HiveSocial, enables customers to collaborate and fuel their productivity to drive the organization’s efficiency and growth.

HiveSocial transforms companies and higher education institutions with a social networking platform that brings people together, connecting them to information they need to succeed in their jobs and their studies. The software activates the power of existing dynamic networks within a business or educational community that attracts and engages people to improve business and student outcomes.

The platform uses embedded gaming mechanics to link employees, customers and partners, faculty, students, and staff to other community members. It provides a user experience that engages in communication and rewards contributions. HiveSocial delivers features for marketing, sales, customer service, and product lifecycle management.

Pros of HiveSocial

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  • HiveSocial delivers numerous social collaboration tools, such as blogs, ratings, comments, activity streams, and file repositories.
  • Its embedded gaming mechanics enable organizations to train users to use all the community features, encourage user participation, and show appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments with more than just a digital badge.

Cons of HiveSocial

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  • The software provides limited reporting capabilities compared to its competitors.

Breakdown of core features

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HiveSocial incorporates an advanced gamification platform to facilitate interaction among all communities as well as with enterprise systems. Its gaming mechanics generate incentives, reward positive contributions and track learning outcomes.

Interacting with customers and learners through game mechanics gives the enterprise and institution more control over the brand while incenting user behavior in the open environment of social business and social learning. Games or quests lead users to help solve each other’s issues, create positive content, share best practices and knowledge through simple techniques like awarding points for levels of achievement.


The platform includes a full suite of collaboration tools accessible on any mobile device. These tools include activity streams, forums, communities, mail, online chat, wiki, and media sharing. Organizations can build communities to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge in an environment that is familiar to social media users.

Social marketing

HiveSocial gives tools to accelerate the ability to identify product champions for future customer case studies, product reviews, and effective marketing content. It allows companies to build their brand, strengthen market competitiveness, and generate sales with stronger prospects.

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