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About Encompix ERP – Aptean

In 2012, CDC Software and Consona Corporation, two leading enterprise application software companies, merged to form Aptean. Aptean focuses on five primary areas of application customer relationship management, desktop automation, supply chain management, vertical applications, and enterprise resource planning.

Aptean’s Encompix ERP is specifically designed to meet the needs of engineer-to-order and custom manufacturers, needs which generic ERP packages are unlikely to meet. Implementing Encompix ERP usually results in significant business improvements, including reductions in project cost, reductions in delivery cycle time, better oversight and control of projects, and better control of engineering changes.

There is a vast difference in designing and manufacturing mass-market products which will be produced in the millions, and producing an engineered-to-order, made-to-order specialty product with customers who expect exactly what they specified, not something that’s just close. Aptean’s Encompix ERP provides engineers and manufacturers in the custom products market the flexibility to get it right the first time. Aptean recognizes its Encompix ERP must allow its customers to work with other project software, which is why it’s compatible with Microsoft Project, and its integration with CAD/CAM software packages. Aptean’s Encompix ERP provides tools specifically developed to ensure design and production milestones are met, while maintaining tight control over project budgeting and cost. Engineered-to-order and produced-to-order products require that customer relations be carefully managed, and Encompix ERP provides an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) tool to this end.

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