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About Holt Systems eMedRec

Holt Systems offers electronic health record (EHR) solutions for private healthcare practices including single medical practices and those with multiple locations. Holt Systems focuses on creating platforms that don’t disrupt the workflow of busy medical practices and feature integration capabilities with new and developing technology.

eMedRec by Holt Systems incorporates a range of advanced technologies such as e-Prescribing, voice and handwriting recognition tool, and a user-friendly, tabbed interface that displays patient charts. eMedRec also allows for enterprise faxing, which automates both outgoing and incoming faxes to pharmacies, primary care physicians, insurance companies and more. This solution utilizes workflow to ensure that requests for records, test results, dictation, labs, and other important health information are automatically tracked and sent to appropriate staff members for further action. The Forms Creation tool utilizes existing practice forms, such as Release of Records and Patient Information Sheets, and simplifies them by adding stored patient data. eMedRec also offers e-Prescribing and a notation creation system that automatically generates notes and utilizes voice recognition software. This EHR platform is easy to use and fully certified through the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.

Florida Cardiology Group recently implemented eMedRec as its EHR solution during a time when the practice was growing in size and needed to either save space by eliminating paper charts or move its offices in order to accommodate the addition of a third cardiologist. With eMedRec, Florida Cardiology Group successfully transferred the patient records to the electronic system, freeing up space for its new cardiologist and protecting patient information from natural disasters, which is a major concern for medical practices located in South Florida.

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