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About eluzzion CRM

Data3s is an IT solutions provider that offers services and expertise to a variety of customers and industries. Eluzzion CRM, the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, provides tools for a wide range of sales, marketing financial, human resources, and IT companies. It is available as either a software-as-a-service platform for mobile and tablet devices or an on-premise client for computers that run Windows.

As its range of users suggests, eluzzion offers a variety of use cases under one CRM platform. For sales representatives in the field, this software lets users prioritize sales targets based on segmented profile data that includes value and profitability forecasts. Eluzzion also lets sales representatives record visit frequency and share activity data. Marketing features connect sales representatives with their company’s marketing efforts through instant access to online dashboards and web reports. This information helps both sales representatives and in-office marketers determine the optimal contact frequency and establish customer preferences. For pharmaceutical wholesalers, eluzzion provides expense management tools that record, track, and manage sales force related expenses, creating an accurate cost-per-product analysis that measures promotional activity against revenue for a detailed explanation of RIO. This expense tracking feature also helps companies view financial information in real time as it relates to each phase of the sales funnel. Eluzzion’s human resources capabilities include seamless aggregation of employee performance data based on key performance indicators and generates reports for easy comparison and analysis. The CRM software’s analytics also calculate the value each doctor has to your business and aggregates warehouse and stock data into reports.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company that employs 4100 people around the world. Glenmark has utilized Eluzzion’s CRM since 2009 in its Czech Republic-based subsidiary. Glenmark’s country manager for the Czech Republic reported that 98% of users rated Eluzzion’s system excellent or useful after initial training. Glenmark was so impressed with Eluzzian that this same manager wrote a letter of recommendation detailing each Eluzzion use case across his company.

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