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ElevatIQProduct Overview

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ElevatIQ product overview

ElevatIQ provides selection and implementation of ERP software for businesses of any size. Their consultants, many with 15+ years of experience in the field, can assist with digital transformation roadmap development, change management, business integration, system selection, and procurement, vendor selection, skill development, and system implementation and adoption advisory services. While many companies can benefit from ERP software, ElevatIQ has specific expertise in life sciences, professional services, manufacturing, and retail.

Pros of ElevatIQ

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ElevatIQ takes the guesswork out of choosing an ERP software for your business by letting the experts do the work. The consultants also assist during implementation.

Cons of ElevatIQ

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Some businesses may find paying a consultant is unnecessary if they want a simple, out-of-the-box ERP.

Breakdown of core features

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One-Stop Solution

ElevatIQ simplifies the ERP software shopping process — no more clicking around and reading reviews and weighing pros and cons.Their consultants are experts in many individual systems, and they can help you choose and implement the right solution for your company’s needs. Because they are familiar with a wide range of systems, their recommendations are vendor-agnostic

Business Integration Implementation

Acquisition strategies may land into technology silos and limit insights available across business processes, customers and suppliers. ElevatIQ’s team can help with technology integration strategy and execution

Adoption & Training

ElevatIQ doesn’t only with selection and implementation, they can also work with key users, onboarding them to the new ERP software and technology systems. They can continue supporting businesses as they phase out old technologies as well.

(Last updated on 02/02/2022 by Marshall Bright)

Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    All Industries
  • Pricing
  • Works Best For
    Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses
  • System Procurement
  • System Implementation
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap Development
  • Change Management
  • Business Integration
  • Vendor Selection
  • Skill Development
  • Adoption Advisory Services
  • Training & Support
  • Quote available on request
  • English
  • Gmail
  • Slack
  • MailChimp
  • Outlook
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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