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EffortlessHRProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of EffortlessHR
  3. Cons of EffortlessHR
  4. Breakdown of core features

EffortlessHR product overview

EffortlessHR is an internet-based HR solution for small businesses, harried entrepreneurs, and busy office managers. It provides HR departments with comprehensive software that can access Federal and State laws, posters, and guides. The platform also delivers a place to gather important employee information.

EffortlessHR brings a resource and tool for small businesses struggling to keep abreast of all the needed HR functions. It gives a complete system in the cloud with PTO, time clock, applicant tracking, benefits, file storage, and employee portal features.

Pros of EffortlessHR

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  • The platform uses state-of-the-art and military-grade encryption technology that processes transactions and stores data safely behind protected firewalls.
  • It offers an Employee Handbook Builder that empowers businesses to create a manual with state-specific policies not found in template handbooks.

Cons of EffortlessHR

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  • Some users commented that the software provides limited reporting capabilities.

Breakdown of core features

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Employee self-service portal

Employees can view company news, update personal information, request time off, and clock in/out. Additionally, they can view assigned company property and download shared documents. EffortlessHR eliminates the need for a standalone employee time clock or employee self-service portal software. It allows managers to see reports for their employees and manage those employees.

PTO tracker and leave management

The software enables employees to track holiday, sick, and vacation days. Furthermore, it offers detailed reporting of accrual balance changes. With each pay period, the system keeps track of accrual based on anniversary dates, hours per pay period, or a set number of hours given at the beginning of the year

Employee time clock

EffortessHR streamlines every aspect of time entry, recording, and reporting. Its time clock is simple, user-friendly, and accessible from any computer or smartphone. This feature is integrated into the HR database, and employees can clock in on the company’s branded employee portal.

Document cloud storage

Organizations can store all company and employee files in the cloud with EffortlessHR. Users can place files in separate virtual folders for compliance and upload private or shared company files. The software lets employees share organization charts, employee handbooks, and benefits information.

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Quick Facts

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  • Online Employee and Personnel Management
  • Employee Portal
  • PTO Tracking and Leave Management
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Document Storage


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  • API integrations

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