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About Exel EFACS

Exel Computer Systems, developer of the EFACS ERP, has been the leading UK-based creator of integrated business solutions since 1985. Exel’s objective is to provide the best quality products and services to each and every one of their customers. Exel Computer Systems serves a diverse customer base, including small, midsize, and large businesses. Exel has a proven track record of providing superior services and products. EFACS Enterprise is a proven, comprehensive ERP software solution. It is flexible and designed to be able to adapt to your business’s specific needs. Because of Exel‘s experience in the industry, the EFACS ERP software can be adapted to fit any size company.

Exel’s EFACS business software solution is built with the latest technology: the Java programming language on an Oracle database. EFACS Enterprise ERP software redefines the way software integrates into an organization because it can be rapidly implemented with minimal costs and modifications. Exel’s ERP software takes advantage of the best information technology advancements to make their products perform at the highest level. For example, Exel’s EFACS utilizes the industry-standard XML structure to enable internal communications and external communications. Easily track and manage every stage of the manufacturing life-cycle with Exel’s EFACS ERP software solution.

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