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EdenProduct Overview

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Eden product overview

Eden is a people success and workplace platform built to enable companies to run smoothly—no matter where their people work. It offers people operations tools designed with the new world of work in mind. From space management to performance management, team safety to internal ticketing, and visitor management to deliveries, Eden’s tools allow teams to work from one integrated platform and build delightful employee experiences.

Organizations can gather comprehensive feedback, build fully-customizable review cycles, access historical data, and simplify the review process management with Eden. The platform makes it easy for the team to conduct performance management in an employee-centric way.

In addition, with its Flexible Office suite, Eden ensures the company can run a high-performance hybrid workplace with tools that include desk booking, conference room scheduling, visitor management, and delivery notifications.

Whether the business is looking to run a hybrid office better, streamline its HR ticketing workflow, or create a safe, modern visitor experience, Eden works to improve the employee experience for everyone in the company.

Pros of Eden

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  • It eliminates blockers and streamlines review processes. With Performance Management, no one employee is a blocker, and teams can complete their review cycles at their own pace. Companies can run multiple review cycles simultaneously without having to wait until one is completed and make adjustments to review cycle timelines as needed.
  • It puts an end to restrictive, inflexible performance review processes. Users can build fully-customizable review cycles, select review cadence, and create workflows tailored to specific team or company requirements.

Cons of Eden

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  • Eden’s interface is confusing for some users.

Breakdown of core features

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360-review cycles

Users can set up 360-review cycles to make sure that employees receive the feedback they need to grow at work. Then, they can measure exactly what the organization is trying to track—users can make any type of question for any workflow, from long-answer to numerical or quick response ratings to optional responses.

Accessible performance reviews

Eden enables businesses to give employees at all levels an intuitive tool with straightforward workflows and clear timelines. It makes it more convenient for teams to complete reviews and cuts down on time-consuming, manual follow-up efforts for HR teams by offering a straightforward performance management solution.

Store and access historical review data

Organizations can scale their performance management processes as the company grows. Eden lets users collect and store historical, company-wide data on performance trends and employee satisfaction to inform future planning and hiring decisions. Furthermore, companies can set new and existing managers up for success by giving them access to both recent and past performance reviews.

View feedback and check review status

With Eden, businesses can rest assured that teams stay on track and never miss a deadline. Managers can see who has started their reviews, who is in progress, and the dates reviews were submitted.

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  • Fully customizable 360° reviews
  • Accessible performance reviews
  • Manager, direct report, and peer reviews
  • View feedback and check review status
  • Self-reviews for employee performance
  • Custom question templates
  • Performance reporting and analytics
  • Store and access historical review data


  • ADP
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Google
  • Outlook
  • Box
  • VMware Workspace One
  • Workday
  • Onelogin
  • Oracle
  • Okta
  • People HR
  • Salesforce
  • Rippling
  • Cloudflare

Pricing Model

  • Per-user basis


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